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Glass can be worked when it’s hot, warm or cold. The hotter the glass gets, the more pliable it becomes. If heated to 2000 degrees or hotter it can be poured into molds or blown. I personally like to work with glass in all different stages because the end results are so uniquely different. Of course I have to work with the glass in the hot stage first. When the glass cools to around 1200 – 1400 degrees it can then be shaped or manipulated until it holds the new shape. Once cool, the glass can be further shaped by sandblasting, grinding and polishing. This artwork has been fabricated using a combination of all of these techniques.

Glass can also be woven together using a variety of colors and sizes of thread. Glass thread has to be made prior to weaving by pulling, stretching and twisting different colors together while it is still hot. The glass threads are then woven together to create a particular theme or shape. Once the tapestry is made it can then be shaped into many other forms.

Let me know if you would like a piece created specifically for you.

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About the Artist

Background: I have been working with glass since 1989. Most of my time has been spent designing and fabricating stained glass for churches and homes. Over the years however as technology changed, I began to work more with melting glass into shapes and forms. We have developed and trademarked a new glass art form calledDimensional Glass. This is a method where we create glass murals that mount to the wall.

The Medium: Glass is incredible to work with, offering both color and transparency. Sometimes working with glass is like a dance, when I begin to change it’s form it moves with me, but sometimes it seems to have a mind of its own creating a moment of unpredictability. There are times in the studio when I start a new project with one thing in mind only to find out somewhere in the process I alter the design. Flexibility is a key to success when working with glass that is 1200 degrees or hotter.

Techniques: Glass can be worked when it’s hot, warm or cold. When glass is around 2100 degrees it can be poured or blown. When it cools to around 1400 degrees it can be bent or shaped. Once the glass cools to room tempature it can then be cut, ground and polished to change the form once again. It is the combination of these techniques that I use when fabricating my artwork.

My artwork has been inspired by my relationship with the lord. I often wake up in the middle of the night with inspiration for designs.

It is my desire to show both the great versatility of glass, and also create within the viewer a wonder at how the piece was made. When viewing my artwork, I hope you will be able to to see something different each time you view the piece.


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